Wake Up With the Resurrection of Eggrolls & Pierogies

So this is the third re-boot of Eggrolls & Pierogies. As you may be able to tell from my posts 2 and 3 years ago, it’s essentially a typical, run of the mill sports and pop culture blog where I try to make funny jokes which fall flat and all of my hot takes fall victim to the dark vortex we call the internet. Pretty simple stuff. I’m planning on posting a few times a week and hopefully will actually get good at blogging and maybe rake in those glorious pageviews. More likely than not I’ll just rabble and post shit anonymously because I’m too much of a pussy (and want to get a real, professional job upon graduation) to do so off my personal Twitter and the cesspool of humanity we call our Facebook timeline.

Also, shout out to my real Africans out there:


Also got a new Twitter Handle




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