KFM – Blonde, Brunette, Redhead Edition


Rolling out a new segment to the blog, but its certainly an All-American classic. You know the rules, you gotta marry one, get to fuck one, and have to off one.

The Blonde: Genevieve Morton



The Brunette: Emily Rataslfhlnr32lfhasflski  Ratajkowski


The Redhead: Cintia Dicker

cintia_dicker_32_0hqdefaultcintia-dicker-menshealth12-02cintia-dicker-cintia-dicker-22598626-670-958Cintia Dicker photographed by Mark Hunter for Wildfox Swim






I’m starting off this round fucking the brunette Ratajkowski. Just an absolute napalm bomb that oozes sex. We’re talking pheromones that could turn the pope hard just gushing out of her pores. Now you’re probably wondering why you don’t marry this kind of girl and really its this simple: she’s too hot. The whole point of marriage is to get with a gal that you match with, can have kids with, yadda yadda the whole 9 yards. It’s sacrilegious to want to lock up a women this good looking and ruin her by having kids or the fact she’ll be with some miserable sack of shit (you). I’ll take the ultimate one night stand with the hottest flamethrower in the world right now.

That leaves us with Genevieve and Cintia. Now as males we all have certain preferences and weaknesses, and I think we can all agree that gingers that can pull off the hot look are absurdly hot. Probably because 99.99% of gingers are gross and ugly and once we stumble upon the unicorn ginger she’s just an absolute firecracker. However we also love us the traditional blonde with big boobs so I’m sticking with tradition here and marrying Genevieve.

Link to poll because I’m an idiot and can’t figure out how to incorporate Google forms into a blog.


(Also I killed Cintia if you mutts couldn’t figure that out)


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